14 stunning Sikkim tourist places photos with details

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Your search for Sikkim tourist places photos ends here. Discover 13 breathtaking HD pictures of Sikkim with details in this post.

Sikkim is a land of hidden paradise in Northeast India. Due to the diversity of Sikkim tourism destinations, finding the right images is difficult. So, here I present high-resolution Sikkim images with information.

Along with it, these Sikkim pictures will inspire you to visit this beautiful state as well.

All the images included in this post are from the most popular Sikkim tourism landmarks. Most of the Sikkim tourist place’s photos collection includes stunning natural landscapes from the State. 

Discover Sikkim images from the mountainous region. Let’s begin the journey of Sikkim tourist places photos filled with lush forests, clear lakes and streams, waterfalls, and spectacular views. Furthermore, you will find Sikkim images of ancient monasteries and historical sites. I have also added random photos from the famous trek in Sikkim.


In the context of Sikkim, It would be like a missing puzzle without putting Yuksom on the priority list. Yuksom was the first capital of Sikkim during the monarchy rule. It is the crowning place of The first king Phunshok Namgyal, in 1642 AD. 

Today Yuksom is identified worldwide as a gateway to the Dzongri Goechala trekking trail. This trek is one of the most featured treks in Sikkim (India). 

Apart from it, Yuksom also shares the boundaries of Kanchenjunga National park. Recently it has been declared a world heritage site. 

1. Coronation throne Norbugang

Yuksom norbugang coronation throne picture
Yuksom Coronation throne image: Get this royalty-free image from Dreamstime.

The coronation throne near Yuksom town is evidence of Monarchy rule. Hence, it is an ancient site of great historical importance in Sikkim. According to the fact, it is the consecration place of the first king Phuntshog Namgyal.

The Stone throne is still intact today and is open to tourists. Quiet woods surround the place. Close to the throne lies one mystical footprint of lama Latsun Chembo. Visitors will also witness a large stupa facing the throne and monastery nearby.

2. Sikkim tourist places photo of Kathok Lake

Yuksom Lake photo
Kathok Lake Photo from Yuksom: Download this image for free from Unsplash

Kathok Lake is the nearest Yuksom Lake. Situated in the heart of Yuksom, It is a beautiful place for Stillness. It is a lovely place to meditate, especially early in the morning and afternoon. Greenery surrounds the lake. Additionally, Kabru mountain gazes at the lake from the distant horizon.

During fresh winter, the reflection of the Kabru summit on the water adds further color to the natural canvas of the lake. Among the three enlightened monks, as notified in the book Kathok Rinzing Chembo was also the one. Who consecrated the first monarch of Sikkim. If my assumptions are correct, it must be how Kathok Lake got its name.

3. Image of Kabru North and south from Yuksom

Mountain Picture from Sikkim
Photo of Kabru North and South mountain captured from Yuksom. Get this Sikkim picture here.

In number three of Sikkim’s tourist places photos, I list Kabru Peak. It is a Sikkim Himalayan view of Kabru North and south of Yuksom. Mt. Kabru is 7338 meters in height and is the second-highest peak in Sikkim after Mt. Kanchenjunga.

 Because of its massiveness and illumination, some travelers confuse it with Kanchenjunga. Only the summit of Kabru Peak is visible from Yuksom town during crystal clear weather. If someone climbs up to Dzongri, the observer will undoubtedly be stunned by its massiveness. 

4. Image of Dubdi Monastery, the oldest monastery in Sikkim

Sikkim tourist places photo of Dubdi Monastery
An image of Dubdi Monastery, one of the oldest monasteries in Sikkim. Click here to get this picture.

The history of Dubdi Monastery takes us back to 1701. According to the facts, Chogyal Phunsthok Namgyal established Dubdi Monastery in Yuksom. Indeed, it makes Dubdi Monastery the oldest Monastery in Sikkim. Today it is an inevitable part of the Buddhist Pilgrimage circuit.

It is declared a world heritage site and is under the care of the Archaeological Survey of India.

Dubdi translates as Hermit Cell. According to the myth, it was a place of meditation for the monks. It takes half an hour to climb from Yuksom. Above all, I love the dense forest trail that leads to the monastery.

5. Mt.Kanchenjunga from the Dzongri top viewpoint

Mt Kanchenjuga Pictore taken from Dzongri Top
Click here to download a royalty-free Ultra HD picture of Mt.Kanchenjunga.

In number five, I add Mt.Kanchenjunga from the Dzongri top viewpoint in my Sikkim tourist places photos collection. It would be a significant loss for wanderers to ignore this trek in Sikkim. Dzongri Goechala trek is one of the standout tourism destinations in Sikkim.

This trek originates from Yuksom. After three days and two nights, trekkers reach a campsite called Dzongri. Then, trekkers climb to Dzongri Top’s viewpoint early in the morning. From there, you will get panoramas of Mt.Kanchenjunga and its ranges.

Mt. Kanchenjunga holds a special spiritual significance for the Sikkimese community. Scientifically, Kanchenjunga and other Sikkim Himalayan giants directly contribute to the richness of Sikkim Biodiversity.

That makes sense why Sikkimese worshiped Mt. Kanchenjunga as a deity.

6. picture of Phamrong Waterfall

Waterfall Photo of Sikkim tourism destination
Phamrong Waterfall picture. Get this photo from this link here

Phamrong Waterfall is one of the magnificent waterfalls to see in Sikkim. It is 6 kilometers away from Yuksom. Famrong waterfall receives its perennial source from the mountain river, which flows between dubdi Mangtabung and Tshong Village.

The best time to watch its heavy fall is during the rainy season. Force generated by the water is so powerful that it is nearly impossible to get closer. Combined with all Sikkim tourism destinations, Famrong waterfall should also be on the Yuksom Sightseeing list.

7. Kanchenjunga Waterfall

Kanchenjunga waterfall picture
Kanchenjunga Waterfall near Yuksom. Download this photo for free from this link

Compared to all the waterfalls in Sikkim, Kanchenjunga Waterfall is one of the most majestic waterfalls. It is close to Yuksom and is on the route to Pelling. The famous sacred Khechoperi Lake from Sikkim is the primary source of Kanchenjunga Waterfalls.

It has two waterfalls. One is visible from the road, while the other stays hidden between the wall of two rocky hills. Recently Zipline has been introduced in Kanchenjunga Waterfalls for additional entertainment.

There are local stalls to taste Sikkimese delicacies. It is one of the busiest tourist destinations in Sikkim.

Sikkim tourist places photos from Pelling.

Pelling is undoubtedly one of the top romantic destinations to visit in Sikkim. Within this article, you will find Sikkim tourist places photos from Pelling. 

This small town in Sikkim is famous for its natural beauty, ancient monuments, monastery, and recently built Skywalk. Above all, Pelling is directly under the gaze of the stunning Himalayas, including Mt.Kanchenjunga.

8. Pelling Images from Skywalk or chenrezig statue

Pelling Skywalk Photo
Pelling Skywalk Picture. Download a royalty-free image of Pelling Skywalk here

If there is anything to boast about Pelling, it is the Chenrezig statue or Skywalk. Skywalk in Pelling has become a hot trend among Sikkim tourism destinations. I believe it is one of the most brilliantly planned infrastructures.

Sikkim tourist places photo of Avalikoteshwara or Chenrezig statue from pelling
Sikkim tourist places photo of ain’t Avalikoteshwara statue from Pelling. Download this picture from the link here

A giant Avalikoteshwara statue and Skywalk are on the hilltop of Pelling. During the clear weather, tourists will also witness the magical view of the Sikkim Himalayas. The colossal Chenrezig statue and a row of prayer wheels will give you a pilgrimage feel. Beautiful paintings Inside the Statue speak rich Buddhist mythology. Additionally, the glass skywalk will add a thrilling experience for you.

9. Sikkim tourist places photos of Rabdentse ruins near Pelling

Sikkim tourist places photo of Rabdentse ruins in Pelling
Sikkim tourist places photo of Rabdentse ruins. Get this royalty-free Sikkim picture from here.

Rabdentse ruins is Another worth to see destination from Pelling. It was the second capital of Sikkim after Yuksom. The story of Rabdentse ruins takes us back to early 1670. Therefore, it is an ancient site of great historical importance in Sikkim.

According to the history of Sikkim, Chadok Namgyal, the successor of Phuntsog Namgyal, established the Rabdentse kingdom. The Kingdom lasted from 1670 to 1814. Let me refresh again Phuntsog Namgyal was the first King of Sikkim. The former capital was Yuksom.

Picture of buddhist stupa from Pelling
Click here to get an HD Image of a Buddhist Stupa from Pelling

We see that Sikkim was under the threat of envious rulers since the chronological age. Sadly, the Rabdentse kingdom became the victim of invading armies led by Prithvi Narayan Sah. As a result, the palace got destroyed. Today the remains of the castle and Chorten is open for tourist.

Picture of Himalayas as seen from Pelling Rabdentse ruins.
Download this HD Sikkim image from Pelling for free by clicking here.

Now the monument is declared a place of national importance. Hence, it is under the care of the Archaeological Survey of India. The view of the mountains is heavenly when the weather is pristine from the landmark.

10. photo of Sirijunga statue from Chayataal in West Sikkim

Among my list of Sikkim tourist places photos, number 10 features the Sirijunga statue from Chayatal, west Sikkim. It is a new Sikkim tourism destination if you are unfamiliar with it.

Sikkim tourist places photos of Sirijunga statue from Chayatal
Click here to Download an HD picture of the Sirijunga statute from Chayatal west Sikkim.

Sirijunga is a mystic, scholar, and philosopher who revived the limboo language. To be precise limboo communities are known as Tshongs in Sikkim.

Limboo communities are the indigenous primitive tribes of Sikkim. Unfortunately, the inclusion of the limboo community into Nepali citizenship created confusion about their distinct identity.

In Sikkim, the stronghold of the Limboo or Tshong community lies in the West district.

Sirijunga Statute
Download this picture in HD for free by clicking here.

The Statue of Sirijunga stands at a picturesque hilltop in West Sikkim known as Chayatal. Sirijunga memorial should be on your bucket list for your Sikkim sightseeing tour.

If you are in Pelling west Sikkim, you can easily hire a local cab to Chayatal. The perk is that you will pass through a scenic Dentam town. Additionally, you can visit Singshore bridge near Dentam on the route to Uttarey.

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